Thursday, July 26, 2012

sleep deprivation

I must have forgotten what is like to have a new puppy when I finally caved to the kids increasingly annoying requests for one. In the past month we have adopted a 9 month boxer/hound mix from the pound and a 9 week old german shepherd from a breeder. last night the dogs must have came to an agreement that they didnt need sleep and neither did I. Im usually up only once or twice to take them outside, but last nights potty breaks equaled about one total hour of sleep for yours truly. I think it was about 4 am when I finally cracked.
 My conversation with the dogs.......
me: its 4 am, did you drink my coffee?
dogs: blank stare
me: you know what sounds good? Well besides sleep...
Water skiing, we should try to water ski in the pool.
dogs: blank stare
me: ok, what about mountain climbing?
dogs:blank stare and a tail wag
me: well then, what do you want to do since sleep is not an option?
dog 1 farts,  dog 2 walks away and hides under a bush.
me: hide and seek it is!I go hide on the other side of the fence while the dogs go crazy . I can see them through the fence discussing their next move... dog number one must have decided that we may indeed go water skiing so he decides to attack the rafts. When I sneak around to stop him dog number two decides to trip me and at this point i swear i hear him laughing as i hit the ground. I decide I no longer want to play with them so I go back inside. Five minutes later in my sleep deprived state I think I hear them asking to go water skiing. I agree, and we hea
d off we go to start this all over again...

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